Week 6 - PostOp

I’ve been to four PT sessions so far and I’m starting to go to the gym as well.  I’m still holding back because I know the tendon isn’t fully healed and that is the hardest part.  I have a “no pain - no gain” personality and that type of mentality at this point in my [...]

PT - Graston Technique Question

I just returned from my first PT session. I found out that they only have two PTs at this location and that neither of them are trained in using Graston technique as a part of therapy. I thought that would have been an essential part of therapy.
Does anyone have any knowledge [...]

Week 5 Post Op

I was approved for PT today and to start to walk out of the boot while at home. My incision is healing and the Dr. was satisfied with my progress thus far. I can limp without the boot on but have next to no power coming off my toes on the injured foot. [...]

4 Weeks Post OP

I’m now 4 weeks from my surgery. I spent 19 days in a cast NWB and I’ve been in a removable walking boot for the past 9 days. I’m scheduled to be in the boot for 6 weeks. When the cast was removed and the staples taken out, the Dr. applied butterfly [...]

1st Post-Op Dr. Visit 19 days

The cast is off!  I was very excited to get to this Dr. visit.  I got into a routine over the past couple of weeks of watching certain TV shows, reading and working on some computer projects.  It was nice to have the downtime, but I’m not a fan of much downtime.  It was something [...]