Looks like it happened to me too.

November 8th, 2008

1 week post op follow up (10/22).

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Hello ATR world.  Well after a week of recovery since surgery, it was time to go in for my first post-op visit.  At the orthopedic office, they took off the splint, and clean my leg up a bit.  I took a glance at the ankle, not too badly swollen at all, and the stitches were pretty clean, so all was looking alright.  The Orthopedist was very pleased with how everything looked, he placed his hand at the bottom of my foot, and had be apply pressure as if I stepping down on a clutch.  I was very nervous about doing that, but I was able to apply some pressure.  At the end of the visit, the placed me in a fiber glass cast, and placed my foot in a 40 degree angle.    So all is looking well so far.  I agree with everyone about keeping your leg elevated after surgery, it definitely help keep swelling down.  I will try and add a few pics, once I figure out how to pull the photos off of my phone.  :-)

Good luck all!

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