Nice weekend at Kelly’s Island

Well, I’ll be at 9 weeks tomorrow.  My husband and I went to Kelly’s Island on Lake Erie for the weekend.  I was a little hesitant, but everything worked out great.  We took the car over on the ferry, so I wouldn’t have to walk as much.  I kept my boot on for most of the time, but actually ventured out in 2 shoes for a little while.  Felt great, bit so scary!!  I never took my eyes off the ground - so worried about uneven ground, gravel,  a stick… - you all know the feeling.  My Doctor is ordering some kind of brace that I can wear in my shoe to keep my foot from flexing too far.  Ii is supposed to help prevent re-rupture.  Sounds good to me!   I have to call the place tomorrow and make an appointment to get fitted.

We had a great weekend.  Plenty of sunshine!  It felt so good to get out and feel almost normal :)  I did walk a lot, but other than heel pain and some swelling, my foot fared pretty well.

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  1. ali39 Says:

    I know exac tly what you mean. Walking with a friend today which was great but can’t easily walk and talk at the same time! I have noticed I can’t ‘push off” very easily but it will come. Glad you are out doing some ‘normal’ things again.

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