The @#^! Moment

January 23, 2014, 7pm in Germany, I am playing Tennis (doubles) indoors. About 40 minutes into the game, I am playing backhand side (left), returning a serve. My return is returned, a very easy, light, relaxed ball comes my way. I have to take about 2-3 easy, relaxed steps to get to the ball, more like getting/turning into the proper position for a backhand than to actually “get it”. One or two steps - bang.
I hear the characteristic “pop” and feel like having been hit with something (for example a Tennis ball) in the back of my left leg. Even though I have no pre-existing detailed experience or knowledge of this kind of injury, I somehow know in that same instant what has just happened. I let myself drop forward to the ground in order to avoid doing more damage (lack of knowledge here, no particular danger of doing additional damage) and while on my way down “making peace” with the thought that an active lifestyle would be slowed way down at least for a while. Strange, I am very clear and in less than a second, even before I hit the ground, have already become perfectly calm about this.
I am not normally very temperamental, but I can get very excited and upset about stuff. Two years ago, I injured my right big toe as I kicked a door in anger about software not working. Here, I completely understand that it is nobody’s fault, not even my own, no case of terrible injustice or anything like that.

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