5 months - feeling about 90%

Well my 5 month anniversary since surgery was Oct 24. A lot has happened since then to now and time has really started to fly by again once life got back to normal for me. I would say I am at about 90% right now. I am back to doing everything in crossfit including box jumps and double unders with a jump rope (which is great therapy by the way). I still don’t quite have the strength to explode into a sprint whenever I please. I can get going at a pretty decent pace and run quite comfortably now without being paranoid or worried about my achilles. I have seen a lot of improvement specifically in the last month. A month ago I was getting pretty frustrated trying to do one leg heel raises. I think that seems like one of the last hurdles or even goals if you will for everyone that goes through this process. I was told by my pt that when I could bust out 25 single leg raises I was ready to do anything I wanted. Before this last month I had been trying for 6 weeks straight and couldn’t seem to get more than one or two unassisted, then I would have to put my hands on a countertop for a little assistance. Well finally over this last month it was like the strength just came to me all of a sudden. Now I can do about 15-20 in a row unassisted. I still cant get quite as high on my toes as my good foot. So I can tell that my ROM is still not 100%. I blame myself for this as I have not done much therapy or ROM stretching over the last 2 months. I just got married on Oct 15 so wedding planning was pretty much my life the last 2 months. I have lots of excuses lol! Anyway, I wanted to update my post since it has been a while. It really doesn’t bother me at all anymore in daily activities which is great. The tendon is still a little thicker than my good leg, I think it will go back to normal over time. I was able to play some sand volleyball on my honeymoon on the beach and it felt great even jumping up to spike the ball. I didn’t have the lift off that I used to have but it felt good overall. Good luck to those just starting this process and keep your head up. As I look back on it I would say the first 4-5 weeks were long and sucky. After that you get to the FWB stage with your boot and time will start to fly by.

3 Responses to “5 months - feeling about 90%”

  1. Interesting comparison. I’m at the same date point as you, but didn’t have the surgery. I would like to know how old you are for comparison. I’m 54 and would guess that I’m slightly behind you in terms of recovery, rehab.

  2. Kendric - I am 29 yrs old…

  3. Wow, that’s tough. I think I would have pulled my hair out if this had happened to me at that age.

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