Therapist not massaging, how can I do it?

I am 7 weeks post op today and everything seems to be progressing and healing nicely. I have had 2 PT sessions: the first was a big waste of time since my dr’s office did not send over the protocol for the therapist to follow. The second session was productive as I did lots of different stretching, balancing on my bad foot, and ROM exercises. I also rode the bike for about 10 min. I have heard a lot of people talking about their therapist doing a deep massage on the tendon. I asked my therapist about it and he didn’t seem to know what I was talking about so it doesn’t sound like that will be part of the plan for me. Is this something I can do at home myself? Is there any certain way it is supposed to be done? I know this is to break up adhesion and scar tissue so i wanna be sure it gets done. I have thought about finding a sports massage therapist that has possibly dealt with this before. Any ideas?

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  1. You can certainly massage yourself but it’d be more effective if you had someone else do it for you. When massaged properly, it’ll be quite a bit discomfortable at first and you’ll have to kind of bite the bit and take it. Its really hard to voluntarily put that much pain on yourself. But, I’ve been massaging myself at least once a day since i got y cast off. I use vitamin E oil and work from my heel to my calf with my palms to start. I then use my thumbs to rub up and down the collagen build up in my ankle (its mostly gone now). Use your other ankle for referene. If somethings fat on your ATR side that isnt on your good side, get at it.

    Next, i use my thumbs to go ACROSS the AT especially focusing on the scar. This movement is light pressure but worked pretty fast. I was told it helps desensitize the scar and prevent it from sticking to the AT. Finally, sort of pinch the sides of the atr and run down the AT. After a minute or so i switch hands so my thumb will be on the opposite side of the AT since the thumbs apply more pressure. When a therapist does this its borderline excruciating. I put just enoughu pressure so I’m a bit out my comfort zone but not enough for it to feel painful.

    This is just my little routine. I’m certainly not a therapist but have spent enough time getting treatment in the training room to know how massage a bit. I hope it was of some help.

  2. Thanks man that is good enough instructions that I can atleast have my fiance try all of these movements on my ankle. That makes sense on doing it myself, I guess done right a deep massage will be pretty painful at first. How you doing man you out of the boot yet?

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